Woman and the Owl Foundation

The Woman and the Owl Foundation is a registered, 501c3 educational nonprofit organization that explores and encourages the development of women spiritual leaders of all faiths and backgrounds through community, education, and support.

All people are spiritual leaders when they take up the responsibility of developing their spirituality and seek to connect this with the world. This project seeks to connect women to one another, and to the resources, knowledge, and teachers that will promote successful leadership journeys.

Our work strives to create a medium for you to share your far-seeing vision, for you to take wing.

Owl Feathers by Kilii Fish
Owl Feathers by Kilii Fish

We welcome your leadership regardless of its stage or phase. Many of our members lead spiritual communities, businesses, classes, groups, and ceremonies — others are just beginning their spiritual paths.

We offer video interviews with women spiritual leaders, the Tools of Leadership Series, inspiring Blog Posts, courses, and coaching.

The vision and mission of the Project is to engage women in a conversation about what it is like to live as spiritually committed people in today’s world, and to turn that conversation into inspiration, instruction, and support.

  • What does it mean and what does it look like to lead a life committed to the Divine? How does one live?
  • How does this decision affect and transform aspects of life like family, social relationships, jobs, and personal experience?
  • Can we imagine answering that call and making this reality our own?

We recognize that each woman’s unique femininity is an essential part of their leadership to enjoyed and expressed — not regarded as an obstacle to flourishing leadership. We welcome into our community all forms of femininity and all people who self-identify as women.

Do you hear the call?

Ara's owl shaman
Ara’s Owl Shaman


Cultivating and Connecting Women Spiritual Leaders