What we do

  • Free, local Teaching Circles open to all women
  • Online and local classes and workshops
  • Private Coaching, Mentorships and Business Consulting
  • Produce, promote, and present special guest teachers online and locally
  • Downloadable, donation-based Teaching Circle Facilitator Guidebook
  • Original interviews with women spiritual leaders and others on educational and biographical topics
  • Facebook page for daily inspiration and community-building
  • Blog about the joyful, challenging, and controversial subjects relevant to women spiritual leaders

9 thoughts on “What we do”

  1. I will look forward to great information, sharing and
    participating. Blessings and Balance, Balance and Blessings,
    for from Balance comes Blessings and from Blessings come Balance.

    1. Hi Trista, I would love to get in contact with you too! Please email me at womanandtheowlproject(at)gmail.com and tell me more about what your book is about and what you envision it doing in the world. Best wishes, Jessamine

  2. Wow this project is perfect for this time . There is allot of talk about just this within the people that I know. I have also had a recent remembrance of a past life that has allowed me to see why I have created my life the way that I have.
    I am so thrilled that I have an outlet for this story. In telling the story through your questions i know that a big part of me will be healed.
    I will work on this soon.
    Thank You!
    Heidi M. Svoboda

    1. Thank you for putting the time and effort into writing your story! I look forward to reading it soon.
      With love, Jessamine

  3. I look forward to really exploring this site and to joining this online community! I am a “soul-tender,” who teaches at a school for spiritual directors and offers ancient and contemporary tools for healing and transformation. I am a shamanic practitioner and offer energy medicine, classes and retreats and presentations, online and live. I have a couple of tools for you: the Sand Spirits Insight Cards, workbook and trainings; and the award-winning book, Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life–and classes on how to use the 7 lessons in your life. I look forward to learning from all of you and to contributing as well as receiving. Owl blessings!

    1. Hi Pamela,
      It does look like you do quite a lot! I am curious to learn more about ‘soul tending’ and ‘sand spirits’! If you would like me to review something on this site, or wish to collaborate in some way, please send an email to contact@womanandtheowl.org.
      Thanks for reading!
      With love,

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