What are Teaching Circles?

The Woman and the Owl Project has created a method and a practice of offering Teaching Circles to local communities.

Teaching Circles bring together women from many faiths and diverse backgrounds, to teach or receive spiritual, feminine practices and information in an atmosphere of sisterhood, respect, and equality.

The Teaching Circle welcomes the gift of equality. All women are welcome. We are here to teach or simply receive, and to take turns organizing and hosting.

The Teaching Circle welcomes the gift of leadership. Women who have something to teach or share are welcome to do so, and are invited to fully experience the power, exhilaration, and vulnerability of stepping into leadership among other people.

The Teaching Circle welcomes the gift of receiving. We do not put pressure on any member to teach. Learning how to truly receive is a spiritual practice and a lifelong art. Receiving is a sacred gift you give to the teacher and to yourself. True receiving is something to be proud of.

Every meeting is free and inclusive. Teaching time is shared equally among each of the women who indicate at the beginning of the gathering that they would like to teach.

To learn more about our original teaching circles in Austin, TX visit the Woman and the Owl Project Meetup

We are currently developing ways for you to create a Teaching Circle in your home town or to participate in an online circle. If you would like to be involved with either of these projects please join our mailing list and fill out a Discovery Session Form and we will be in touch.

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