Spiritual Leadership Mentoring

The Woman and the Owl Foundation has undertaken research onĀ  the development of women spiritual leaders in diverse cultures and varying historical periods.

Our research has led us to formulate six, iterative elements of development that are common to all. We use these to assist women and their organizations or businesses to excel, create joy, and practice their work in nourished and sustainable ways.

1. Calling of the Authentic Self – Spiritual Callings

2. Forming the Life of a Spiritual Leader

3. Unlocking Your Spiritual Signature

4. Living Leadership

5. Connecting Through Feminine Leadership

6. Presenting and Expanding Spiritual Leadership

Our Spiritual Leadership Track invites you to journey through each phase in the development of women’s spiritual leadership. It is delivered at a high level of study and can be experienced in the company of other women leaders like you.

Are you longing to share your passion for life and spirituality with your community but feel afraid and worried no one will listen to you?

How many times have you had an experience of the Divine, which called to you and perhaps invited you to share a new, authentic side of yourself…but still dismissed it as a fantasy?

Are you at a crucial stage in your spiritual leadership, community-building, or business and feel a deep calling to move forward?

Are you ready to take the next step to share your work with the world?

You are:

  • a woman with a creative and soulful vision whose time has come to make it a sustainable reality
  • a brand new or established, small or medium-sized spiritual company that is ready to grow and become abundant
  • called to found your own nonprofit organization to serve the needs of a kindred community

We have researched the development of women spiritual leaders and found that all women, regardless of their spiritual tradition or stage in their journey, experience patterns of fear and pleasure, opportunity and challenge as they progress in their unique callings. Our Spiritual Leadership Track courses are developed to guide and support you through these special patterns.

As a uniquely spiritual woman, your ability to cultivate healthy and flourishing social, professional, and family relationships is directly related to your ability to express your authentic personal and spiritual calling, connecting it with the world.

You are a leader, sovereign, and author of your own life; you can heal and guide your families, you create and protect your communities, and move and flow with the blessings of future generations.

Cultivating and Connecting Women Spiritual Leaders