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It’s here!

The Woman and the Owl Project’s first short film, an interview with Bernadette Torres of Shabeta’s Healing Garden is finished!

In this interview, Bernadette tells you about her journey to her life’s work, to personal healing, and loving empowerment. She is a herbalist, healer, and wise woman who draws her inspiration from the mountains, as she serves and teaches in the urban setting of Albuquerque. It is 20 minutes — and worth every minute of your precious time.

To make this film, I travelled to her home in New Mexico. We sat outside, she fed me green sun tea with vanilla pods, and we talked for hours in the company of the plant community she has grown and learned from for years. Bernadette’s wisdom is a beautiful example of a woman who has found her balance between traditional knowledge and continuous exploration.

Editing film has been a sharp learning curve, but at last we are on the path. This film was edited using the free, opensource tool called PiTiVi. I can’t say that PiTiVi works particularly reliably, but I would like to encourage those of you who can’t afford expensive software or who choose not use proprietary tools to not let that stop you! The music is royalty-free from Melody Loops.

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