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The heart of the Woman and the Owl Project are the stories and experiences of real women spiritual leaders who have made a courageous and creative commitment to follow and develop their callings and share them with the world.

These are women who are doing the work to teach, heal, nourish, transmit, channel, and embody the Divine — and, in their own styles to lead — for themselves, their families, and their communities. Each woman is doing it a different way, with diverse visions, and unique combinations of the sacred and the worldly.

In the Aviary of Interviews, we invite you to discover interviews with women about their spiritual calling, their leadership, women’s spirituality, and their paths to sharing their visions and gifts. Some of these women have sacred businesses, some don’t; many of these women belong to ancient spiritual traditions, others are creating their own, syncretic practices and beliefs.

All of these women are making a gift of their personal stories to you; to inspire, mend, and support you. With utmost respect and gratitude for their ‘giveaways’, we welcome you to this space of sisterhood, truth-telling, and beauty. May it be shared and received in a good and sacred way.

“My purpose since I was very young and I was really encouraged to follow this, is that it is my destiny; it is my purpose. It is my path to honor the medicine and share it with whoever comes to me asking for help. To be of service, with no judgment, unconditionally. And to share everything that has been shared with me. The wisdom and knowledge from all my ancestors and elders, fully, in an inclusive way so others may learn how to heal themselves.

It is not my place to heal them. It is my place to guide them, support them, so they may find that is within themselves to heal themselves. I was taught that, not to have people dependent to come see ‘Dona Laura’ to get healing, but to come to learn how to heal themselves so they can take that back to their homes, to their families, to the communities, and on and on, for that kind of healing. And, I think about it in that domino effect, that can happen. You know I teach one person and that person takes it back. So, I feel that is my purpose is just teaching someone how to find that healing within themself.” — Laura Alonzo de Franklin of the Kalpulli Teocali Ollin

Would you like to be featured on this website, sharing your journey as a spiritual leader and your thoughts about women’s spirituality?

The Woman and the Owl Project invites women from all traditions and stages of their journey to take part in 10-15 minute video interviews.

If you’d like to contribute your story to the Woman and the Owl Project community, we encourage you to contact Jessamine at and tell us a little about yourself and your spiritual life.

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  1. I am the daughter of Thelma Littleton and Lewis Dunning. My mother was Eastern Band, Black Cherokee/Irish.. My father was American/Antiguan/West Indies. My journey started long ago , I was raised in Brookline, Ma. I have a FB page in both my birth name and spiritual name and been under studies with friends in the Spiritual relm. I am sending this to you because I am living in awareness of my journey daily and now a Yoga teacher in Austin, TX. you may email me. FB me also to see some of the public history. I am now a musician, poetry writer, songwriter and sing.

    I originally lived my life as an athlete based, early childhood educator, but wanted to be a Fine Artist and teacher. After raising 4 children, divorces, and now a grandparent of 7. I live a very simply life with no more possessions than a room, and am blessed that the communities of Austin, San Marcos, and Wimberley have come to know me as a Spiritual Community person.. helping where I can, doing this or that and now a person of the spoken word.

    I am writing this to you during the full moon.. just came across your sight and was touched by the Owl. I am constantly aware of my totem, my Native American based belief system and Nature has been my guide since I was very young along with my Mother’s shamantric abilities which stayed hidden to all of the other family members but myself. She was a single mother, and I was her older daughter living in an all jewish community called Brookline. She came from pioneering people who migrated to the North thru the Underground railroad to escape slavery out of Georgia to Michigan.. Taken from the Cherokee Rez to the Smith plantation, I was told by my Grandfather and half blood Cherokee/Irish as was my grandmother (who died the year I was conceived). He was my first Native American teacher other than my mother. If you think my story and journey would be of some help for other women to share in. I will be 60 yrs this coming September 27. Although, I am told I do not show any of my years.. please contact me at my email. Enjoy this Full moon. Namaste, Aho.. Peace

    1. Dear Silverfox Yemaya Littlestar,
      Thank you so much for introducing yourself. I appreciate you and your story! Yes, I would love to get in touch with you about interviewing you for the project. Also, on a personal note, there are many points of synchronicity between us, both in your name and in that I, in part, grew up in Newton, MA, very close to Brookline. I will be travelling for most of July and all of August, but I will be in contact, to be sure.
      Thank you for reaching out and sharing.
      With love,

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