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Registration for the forum requires that:

  1. I agree to be respectful and courteous in my interactions with all members on the Woman and the Owl Foundation Forum.
  2. I agree that I self-identify as a woman.
  3. I agree not to republish or distribute the posts of the women on this forum without their explicit permission.
  4. I agree that by signing up to this forum, that I am giving permission to the Woman and the Owl Foundation to add me to their newsletter list. I will receive periodic emails from the Foundation.
  5. I understand that the views put forward in this forum are not necessarily held by the Woman and the Owl Foundation.
  6. I accept that if I may be removed from the forum by the forum’s administrators at any time for any reason.

Once you register, you will be sent an email with a tempory password. You can use this password (and your chosen username) to login on the next page.

I agree to the rules for the forum.


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