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Honoring My Truth — Guest Blog by Ara of The Goddess Circle

Walking the path of my spiritual growth and development has been a moment-by-moment, deep dive into the core of my own heart. Every breath is eye-opening, and in this place of discovery I’ve had to let go of so many veils that were not serving the truth of who I really was. I discovered I would rather walk naked than hidden by garments that no longer fit who I truly was.

Honoring my truth and medicine, for me, has been an open wide journey into trusting the mystical wonder and magic of my own divine essence. Like a weary traveler wandering aimlessly for so long in search of what my heart was longing for. I was tired of seeking under every rock, leaf and tree for my path, moving in directions that took me so far away from myself. I was tired of playing small, of hiding who I was and wearing a mask that I believed I needed in order to be safe and accepted.

So, I began following the beating drum deep within the center of my being. That song of my heart, connected me to the realization that in all the steps that I was taking, I was being called back to myself all along; to the truth written on the walls of my heart that was blazing for my eyes to see. Here I understood at long last, the divine embrace of dropping into the sacredness of opening myself to myself. Diving deep into the depths of me, I found at last what I had been searching for; this place of accepting myself as I am was the homecoming that I had always searched for.

The road to honoring my truth was meeting who I really was with open arms, and fully swimming in the seas of who I was born to be; allowing my voice to rise and embracing it fully. It doesn’t happen all in one day, but step by step being fully present with myself, my longing and my inner well of wisdom I moved in the direction of the call of my spirit, and of my inner truth. This is a path I will walk all my days, as it is never done; it keeps unfolding with every breath and I am in awe at the ongoing journey.

I believe we are born into this world knowing and through the veils that we adopt because of perceived expectations, society and upbringing, we hide who we know ourselves to be. Stripping away the veils that shroud us and questioning what we truly believe, where these beliefs come from and whether they still serve our highest good is a conversation we should always have with our hearts. When we listen with total trust and surrender to ourselves, we resonate with our authentic voice, which is always within us and can never be lost.

Once I started to speak my truth I couldn’t stop; it started to emerge in every aspect of my life and would not remain hidden. Once I woke up, I could never go back to sleep. The truth of who I was felt good on my lips, the way it sounded, the way I felt at the core of my being when it came to the surface. I felt free.

Honoring the authenticity that is found in the sacred temple of your divine heart is a lifelong journey that can be started in every breath and heartbeat. We have been given all the days of our lives to walk in the direction of our hearts and our truth, so there is always time to move in the direction of your voice.

May the sacred journey that unfolds before you scatter petals at your feet, blessings from the four winds and joyful beings on your path. May each of us walk alongside one another knowing that we never need to change anyone else, only to celebrate one another as we move forward embracing each others light.

Long may we dance, long may we howl.

Much love and deepest blessings,

Ara — The Goddess Circle


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4 thoughts on “Long may we dance, long may we howl – Guest Blog”

  1. I read Ara’s blog , and thought what a load of reguritated smaltz. It’s too twee to be true. Give us something other than banal platitudes. We deserve better .
    Christine Kavanagh

    1. Hi Christine,
      I’m sorry that this particular guest blog was not to your taste. Different voices speak to different people. We strive to provide a space for women spiritual leaders to tell their stories. We also want to create stories that are raw, powerful, and magnificent. Hopefully you will enjoy some of our other blog posts even if this one was not for you.
      Best wishes, Jessamine

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