Past Lives — Got ’em?

The Woman and the Owl Project is currently conducting research on the role of these memories in the awakening or development of women spiritual leaders today. If the recollection of such a memory has been important to your spirituality or development, we would love to hear more.
Email your answers to the following questions to womanandtheowlproject(at) or message us at the Woman and the Owl Project’s facebook page.

All responses will be anonymized before they are quoted in any publicly available materials. If you would prefer not to be quoted at all, please let us know that in your message.

  • Do you remember a past life in which you were persecuted or killed for witchcraft/magic/healing? Please tell us, in as much detail as you can, what happened?


  • When did you recall this past life? Did the recollection happen in pieces or all at once? What was happening for you around the time that you began to remember this past life?


  • How did the memory of this past effect your current life?


  • In particular, how has the memory of this past life effected how you see yourself in this life, your spiritual practices, and/or your feelings about your spiritual calling?


  •  Has recalling a past lift in which you were persecuted for your spirituality made stepping forth as a spiritual person or leader in this life harder? How do you feel about your community or about non-spiritual people in light of these memories?


  • What lessons, teachings, or advice have you learned about the connection between past lives and spiritual leadership that you would like to share with other women, if you could?


In some cases, we would like to follow up on some of your fascinating answers; Would you be willing to be contacted to participate in a further interview on this topic? If so, please let us know in your email or message.


Thank you so much for your contribution to bringing this important subject to light!!!

Thanks so much!

With love,

Jessamine Dana, PhD

5 thoughts on “Past Lives — Got ’em?”

  1. I started writing about dream visions in 1998. Hundreds and hundreds of dreams. I dreamed of several indian tribes. I even dreamed in languages I did not know.
    So, I started to research what i was dreaming. I found the Lakota language in one of my dreams, which was translated by a friend, since I could not speak it myself.
    I’ve studied with several elders of different tribes. I am Cherokee/
    Souix/German decent. I learned of my ancestry through my mother who is a genealogist. I’ve have learned that through my ancestors I have a genetic memory which i was born with. If you go to my website you can see some of my work. I did not put all dreams there. Just general information. Thank you. Brenda Harman AKA: Windsong (cherokee name)

  2. Hello,
    I have memories of being a leader ,teacher .An owl was one of the totem birds images for me in my vision quest.I am attracted to owl.

    I suffered a great amount of punishment ,rejections socially and professionally during present incarnation.

    I did not have any regression -as far as hypnosis. Most understanding is from journaling,quests -vision quests I mean and stone therapy (via certified crystals/stones attunement vision quest X 4).

    I am also attracted to young women -mothers to mentor,children and I BECAME nursing student ,then RN since a young age -14 in Poland , I was strong to train and not resisting the regimen of tough training.I have a deep compassion for humanity and self.(this incarnation is tough)
    Also I am never ashamed to stand up in crowds to act upon what I believed in since childhood (core believes strong against organized religion since early age).I am humanistic,and one of strongest values I have from all former assessments is a strong need for sense of justice value, value for authenticity and gratitude (from positive psychology via strength test). All in high regards.

    What is a purpose of your study?
    What is involved in such study- my question is motivated by energy management purpose .How much time do you need to evaluate your subjects.

    1. Hi Mariola,
      Thank you so much for your comments and questions. My heart responds to your story and your courage in standing up for your beliefs.
      The purpose of this study is to reflect what we learn from your stories back to you and other women in order to help women all over the world to move fearlessly and lovingly into their spiritual leadership. This research particular research is created to bring community dialogue and thoughtfulness to the topic of past lives and their connection to the development of women spiritual leaders. Also, I am writing a book, putting together short documentary films and offering articles, blogs, and posts on this website and on facebook.

      If you are able, I’d love it if you could answer the questions asked on the blog post “Past Lives — Got ’em” and email your answers to me. I will not use real names or any other identifying information if I include your story in anything I write or teach. However, if you don’t want even your stories quoted in anything public, but rather wish to share your story privately, just let me know and I will respect that totally.

      I will only contact you if I feel that I don’t quite understand your answers, and then only if you say in your email that you are open to being contacted.

      I hope that this helps! With love, Jessamine

  3. WOW!
    I’m so excited to find your project. I will write my story for you soon.
    I just wanted to say right away how thrilled I am to find this. It’s so validating. I’ve had owl imagery as part of my process since I was 15yrs old. (i’m 45 now…) My main spiritual guide came to me at that time and her name is “white owl woman.” I have been working with past life memories for years. In the last few years I really made an effort to put my story together. It was powerful! And, I have found that it is critical for me as a healer, teacher and leader to help women remember who they are; to re-member the larger arc of the soul as it struggles to heal from terrible persecution.
    I will write more when I have a chance.

    1. Yay! I am so glad for us both that you have found this kindred Project! You are very welcome here 🙂
      I would love to hear more about you and your story, Naomi. The clarity of vision, calling, and commitment I can hear in your words is inspiring.
      With love, Jessamine

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