Past Lives — Got ‘em?

The Woman and the Owl Project is currently conducting research on the role of these memories in the awakening or development of women spiritual leaders today. If the recollection of such a memory has been important to your spirituality or development, we would love to hear more.
Email your answers to the following questions to womanandtheowlproject(at) or message us at the Woman and the Owl Project’s facebook page.

All responses will be anonymized before they are quoted in any publicly available materials. If you would prefer not to be quoted at all, please let us know that in your message.

  • Do you remember a past life in which you were persecuted or killed for witchcraft/magic/healing? Please tell us, in as much detail as you can, what happened?


  • When did you recall this past life? Did the recollection happen in pieces or all at once? What was happening for you around the time that you began to remember this past life?


  • How did the memory of this past effect your current life?


  • In particular, how has the memory of this past life effected how you see yourself in this life, your spiritual practices, and/or your feelings about your spiritual calling?


  • ┬áHas recalling a past lift in which you were persecuted for your spirituality made stepping forth as a spiritual person or leader in this life harder? How do you feel about your community or about non-spiritual people in light of these memories?


  • What lessons, teachings, or advice have you learned about the connection between past lives and spiritual leadership that you would like to share with other women, if you could?


In some cases, we would like to follow up on some of your fascinating answers; Would you be willing to be contacted to participate in a further interview on this topic? If so, please let us know in your email or message.


Thank you so much for your contribution to bringing this important subject to light!!!

Thanks so much!

With love,

Jessamine Dana, PhD